Eye Radar


I can See & I can Read

An innovative programme for the early identification and treatment of children with learning difficulties, of special and non-special type, by the scientific team of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Department of Greece. 

A help for the child – the parent – the teacher – the therapist 

Upon entering school, children are challenged to develop new skills and expand their knowledge. Oral learning should be combined with symbolic learning and communication. Children should learn to decode and encode messages through symbols.  

The key skills for mastering symbolic learning and communication are reading and writing respectively.  

Vision, hearing, motor skills of the eyes and hands, as well as brain decoding/encoding, comprehension and knowledge centers are involved in the development of these skills.  

Many children, however, experience difficulties in mastering the reading and writing mechanism.

What are the causes of the difficulties?

They may be due to visual, auditory, motor, and/or brain decoding/encoding, learning and knowledge centers (dyslexia, etc.).  

i can See & i can Read!

This is an early identification programme for children with reading and writing difficulties and the recording of their individual difficulties, with the aim of offering appropriate counselling support to parents, therapists and teachers of each child, with specific recommendations. 

The programme includes the assessment of the child’s visual skills used in reading and writing (text clarity, accuracy of eye movements on the text, copying from the blackboard, etc.), the assessment of the child’s auditory skills and, finally, the recording of the visual strategy of the child’s eyes during the reading of a text, using the RADAR system. 

Then, with a special artificial intelligence program, our scientific team evaluates the results, comes to conclusions and recommendations, which are shared with the child’s parents, therapists and teachers.  

The whole assessment process takes 30-40 minutes, it is simple, non-invasive, child-friendly, reliable, accurate to more than 95% and repeatable in the future to monitor the child’s development. 

i can See & i can Read is for:

– Preschool children with a diagnosed eye condition (reduced vision in one or both eyes, lazy eye, strabismus, nystagmus), with a history of prematurity or developmental disorders (delay in walking, speech, etc.), with hearing loss, with motor disorders, to prepare them for future school/learning challenges.  

– For school-age children with reading and writing difficulties.   To support children with learning difficulties and their families, but also to enhance the role and work of therapists, teachers, child psychologists, etc. 

Provide your child with a reliable test of reading and dyslexia.

The eyeRadar is objective.

All we record are eye movements, which provide a completely natural way to objectively assess reading in real time. On the other hand, traditional assessment methods can create inaccuracies in the results, as they are based on subjective opinions and unweighted variables.

It is perfectly valid.

EyeRadar is one of those cases where science is better than man. It records more than 25 parameters of reading, something a human cannot do, and its algorithms provide us with valid and measurable data.

It produces a detailed and in-depth report.

Using artificial intelligence and deep reading analysis, an eyeRadar expert will generate a report. This report will contain 25+ parameters, such as reading performance, spelling score, text comprehension, and serves as a mapping tool of the child’s reading abilities.

Why choose eyeRadar?

Traditional assessment methods are not enough. Some say your child can’t read, while others may indicate why. The eyeRadar is the only one that goes a step further and offers the specialist knowledge and information to help the child overcome the difficulties they are facing and improve.