How does amblyopia affect the child’s daily life?

If your child is diagnosed with amblyopia, talk to your pediatric ophthalmologist about the treatment protocol, as well as the latest treatments that enhance binocular eye cooperation.

Does the child stumble often?

Does he lose his balance?

Does he not want to participate in group games?

Amblyopia is a condition that affects a child’s vision from the first months of life. It reduces his visual acuity, his ability to perceive shades, and his ability to develop binocular vision.

According to recent research studies, body balance, gait, fine manipulation, and reading ability are just some of them.

But the good news is that amblyopia can be completely cured!!!

As long as it is diagnosed in the child’s preschool years and treated properly!!! 

Early diagnosis and proper treatment, with modern and individualized methods depending on the age of the child, minimizes the chances of long-term negative effects.

All that is needed is a preventive pediatric eye exam in the preschool years!!!

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